Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fra jæger, kriger til shaman

En artikel som jeg udgav på Budo Danmark, men jeg jeg trode var gået tabt, men lykkelig genfundet af Poul Ingversen.

Fra jæger, kriger til shaman

Monday, January 02, 2012

TO MY FREIND Jan in Sweden

New Year and Peace - Your question go deep in to important aspekts - here is my input

In time there have been some Sensei`s who according to the best of there understandings have tried to "modernize" - "improve" or "perserve" Aikido.

All this have made some take a step back - trying to find the essen - the sources from where O´sensei received his inspiration.

There are two great traps in the evolution of the History of Ideas - 1) Dogmatism and 2) Fanatisem. The first is the result of Thoughts enslaved in the service of idiologies. The second is the results of Emotions court up in identifications.

These tow traps leeds to two social consequences- 1) Orthodoxy and 2) Reformations.

It is a correct observation that there have been two major tendencies in Aikido leading away from the inspiration of O´sensei.

Most Budo are now infiltrated by the concepts of Sport and OL - and another tendency are the Healt Dancing. What is left of Aikido as a Budo is up to the Third generation of Aikidoka to decide.

If you want to go to the sources - to find the essences you have to go up stream - and the closer you get to the offspring - to the well - the more fresh, clear the Water becomes - until you finally become one with the Water of Life or the Universal Ki or

Among one of the Ushideshi of O`sensei, I find Master Mauryama unique in his quest of going to the source of that one reason that he completely left Aikido for a decade to devote him self to Meditation in a Japanese Temple, before he angina took up his work by founding Yuishinkai Aikido.
Concerning the Aikido of O´sensei he bring our attention see the difference between the quality of Aikido from the younger to the older days of O´senseis life.

That his Aikido became more refined and mature at the end of his life. This is one of the explanation of the different forms of Aikido - as some focus on the content at O´senseis younger period and some at his conclusion as and old man. The "hard style" or Power Aikido are form his Younger days - the "soft" or Ki Aikido are from his older days. In that way you got the "Traditional Aikido" and the "Moden Aikido" - both claiming to be "Authentic" or the "Original" Aikido. Some lige it hot other like it sweet - some need strong confessions in styl og Ko-ryo other like the Non-confessions.

However if we only are looking at the forms or styles of O´senseis Aikido - whatever new or old - we do not get the total perception of his work.

Master Mauryama advice us focus on five principal qualities in Aikido. Kontai, Kutai, Ryutai, Juntai, Juntai and Kotai. The late Aikido of O´sensei was Jintai and Kotai. To copy that is impossible as we here are entering the Level of Mind and No-Mind. Soul and Spirit. Firer and Eather. Individual Ki and Universal Ki.

I think it is importent that we understand that the basis og praxis are in the Dojo - and that the Individual Dojo is the main focus of that work. The Sensei are here the focus of his Inspiration - and he only cane do what is possible together with those who are forming the Dojo. The Chanie are never stronger that the weakest link.
The Sensei choose the Shihans who are supporting his work.

In that way the whole quistion of "Styls" - "Confessings" - "Lines" or "Traditions" are chancing - not to say that they do not exist or are of non-importance - but to get back to the Essences of our Quest.

One question remains - how not to waist you time? 
Look for Budo Masters with a deep Spiritual foundation - emanating Inner Peace and Healing of your self and Others.
Begin to contemplate ther Kotedama of O´sensies "DOKA" (just google)
Take up meditation and healing work - every day.
That will bring the Budo in to its higher levels

O´sensei said: "I do not have any students, but only people with whom I share my experiences"

Sorry for the many unnecessary words

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

co-creation in aikido

The distances in the North are very large and it is certainly one of the reasons that wanderlust is not so great.
At the ancestor side has never been cheaper and easier than now to take a plane in the Region.
Aiki OPEN concept is as the word says to seek inspiration outside one's own "Green Zone". Being in his own "Green Zone" is most comfortable and gives us some kind of reassurance and acceptance. Stepping outside our own "Green Zone" is to show interest in it as others do.
Aiki Open is the idea of aikido as an Organic Community and not beurokratisk and political organization.
In the living organism Ki flows freely even if the organism is divided into different organs.
Therefor an idea of "cross training"- "friendship trainings" between the various styles reflect the way of peace - or Aikido.

Imagine studying 5 different manifestations of Shomen uchi Kokyo fester - or 5 Yokomenuchi shihonage and 5 Menutsuki kotegaeshi -
and each technique show the 5 plans, static, flowing, dynamic, simple mind, no mind.
It would be impossible to achieve in an entire weekend; 0)


"The Biggest room om world are room for improvment"